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Bob Clagett iliketomakestuff
I make all sorts of stuff at

I Like To Make Stuff

Kat Marchán zkat
beginner Rustacean, @NuGet team, formerly @npmjs

@Microsoft Oakland, CA

Josh Duff TehShrike
JavaScript • Open Source • Business Software • Chat with me on Discord: TehShrike#4520


I drive Femap for loads determination and stress analysis in the aerospace sector. In my free time I dabble in embedded programming and home automation.


Justin Wehrman wehrhaus

['WehrHaus'] Kansas City, MO

John Rake vikeen

GorillaBot Labs, LLC Olathe



Shane Pfaffly spfaffly

Kansas City, Missouri

John Resig jeresig
Principal Architect at @Khan

@Khan Brooklyn, NY

Douglas Crockford douglascrockford
I was born in Frostbite Falls, Minnesota. I left when I was 6 months old because it was too damn cold. My latest book is _How JavaScript Works_.

Virgule-Solidus San Jose

Paul Irish paulirish

Google Chrome, ♥z Palo Alto

Matt Carter TechnotronicOz
Enjoys solving problems and learning new things. Currently writing code in Scala, Go, Node and TypeScript.

Senior Staff Engineer @C2FO Kansas City, MO

vml-jlong JerrodLong

VML Kansas City, MO

Shane Daniel simshanith

@adobe San Leandro, CA

Coty Beasley beacrea
Product designer, front-end, design technologist

San Francisco, CA

Troy Blank troyblank
The javascripts, the csss, the htmls, they are with me.
Chad Elliott THEtheChad

@ExcelerateDigital Kansas City, MO

Melanie Haas melaniesh

Prairie Cube Media Kansas City

Caleb Kniffen ckniffen

FireMon Kansas City

Jerrod Long kopious

Kopious Designs Kansas City

Aaron Nordyke nordyke
Software Engineer at C2FO.

C2FO Kansas City, MO

Joe Longstreet joelongstreet

C2FO Kansas City, Missouri - United States

kputnam kputnam
Phil? Phil Connors? Now don't you tell me you don't remember me, because I sure as heckfire remember you. Ned... Ryerson!
Rob Reynolds ferventcoder
Creator and lead maintainer of Chocolatey (@chocolatey). Founder of Chocolatey Software. Fan of automation and good user experience.

Chocolatey Software, Inc KS

Casey Justus caseyjustus

Keyhole Software Kansas City, MO, USA

Ben Alman cowboy
Principal Front End Engineer at Toast

@toasttab Boston, MA

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