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react based virtual table implementation
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It is yet another virtual scroller, with a few advantages. I did not want to write this component but all the components I tested missed something I needed.

I looked at

  • reactvirtualized - did not have resizable columns, or expandable content
  • fixed-data-tables - expandable content did not work, and a million extra nodes.
  • smarttable - some internal thing that works ok, but totally featureless.
  • a couple of others, but they all had fatal flaws (table based layout, too many nodes, not configuration driven, etc...)


  • Very few additonal dom nodes.
  • Very few reflows and unnessary virtual tree updates.
  • can scrollTo row
  • does not ref any data not being shown.
  • table is sortable
  • expandable
  • columns are resizable
  • configuration based.
  • Row level actions.
  • Row level Menu.
  • Custom renderers for rows, cells, columns,etc.


See it in action demo

And docs See it in action docs

Or run it

  $ git clone
  $ cd scrolldata
  $ yarn install
  $ yarn start

Open your browser to http://localhost:8082


 $ yarn add scrolldata
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