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Turn any location into a Star Ship Bridge Weapons Station!
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Weapons Control Panel

An Imagination catalyst for kids (or adults)!

Turn any environment into a star ship bridge's weapons station and destroy all baddies in the vicinity!

This app was inspired by my 5 year old daughter using the Sat Nav in our car as a weapoons control panel to destroy creepy trees and monsters that she was imagining when driving through a country lane.

Turns out having a few buttons to press is enough to keep kids happy for hours, so now you can have them installed on your phone or tablet to take with you anywhere you go.

Save to your home screen for offline access!

How it's built...

I did this as a prototype while I was away from my main PC, all I had with my was my iPad and Wireless Keybaord.

Thanks to that was enough to put most of it together.

The tech underneath it all is:

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