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Keroseen Grid

Keroseen Grid is a flexible Sass-based grid system. It can generate any number of flexible grids with any number of columns by configuring a variable in the settings file. It can also generate grids for portrait orientation.


Keroseen Grid is available for installation via Bower.

$ bower install --save keroseen-grid


By default, the system creates grids with 9, 12, 16, 20, and 24 columns. Since it's rare that a project will use more than one grid size, the settings file can be updated to include only the required grid sizes or even a custom size not listed above (ex: you can generate a 15 or 37 column grid if needed).

Custom Builds

The required build tools can be installed by running:

$ npm install

Running the gulp command will run a build cycle and run the watch task to automatically compile changes.

Before making changes to /src/sass/_settings.sass, make sure Gulp is running. Once changes are made to the settings file, the code will be automatically regenerated in the dist directory including both a regular and minified version of the CSS complete with source maps.

The source Sass files can also be included in your project for a custom build that automatically concatenates the grid system into your project's resources.

Other Considerations

While not required by the project, it is helpful to have a reset stylesheet such as Normalize to help the grids flow smoother.