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Wedding Wrangle

A Django project to help you wrangle a wedding's guests. Wedding Wrangle will:

  • Import a CSV of guests and the following data:
    • Title
    • First name
    • Surname
    • Email
    • Dietaries
  • Allow users (wedding organisers) to log in and see a dashboard of their guests, as well as update each guest's details and partnerships (one-to-one relationship with another guest)
  • Send emails to guests asking them to RSVP using a random string-encoded URL
    • Guests' partners are emailed at the same time, with both links for convenience
  • Serve random string-encoded URLs to allow guests to mark boolean attendance and complex dietary requirements (many-to-many)
  • Support CSV export of guestlist
    • This will allow for mail-merging of physical invites and placecards
  • Support export of QR codes as an alternative RSVP option

The project will mostly store and return text. It will return images too: QR codes. Logged-in users will have the ability to interactively edit guest details.

Getting started

  1. Initialise Django's database; from the project's root directory, run:
python check
python makemigrations
python migrate
  1. Create an account and load initial data; still from the project's root directory, run:
python createsuperuser
python loaddata weddingwrangle/initial_data.json
  1. (Optional): import sample data to play with the database: go to localhost:8000/guests, pick "Upload guestlist" and upload upload_data.csv


Django project to organise a wedding






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