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A pure JavaScript implementation of the ITA project's CEStore - called CENode. CENode is able to understand the basic sentence types parsed by the CEStore, such as conceptualising and instance creation and modification.

Please visit the project's home page for more information and for documentation.

We recommend beginners check out the Getting Started Guide before continuing.

Getting started

CENode can be imported into your Node apps or run in a browser. Either way, you will need Node and NPM installed before continuing, so install these for your platform first.

Then add CENode to your project using NPM:

npm install cenode

If using CENode in a webpage, then include it (and models, if necessary) in script tags:

<script src="/node_modules/cenode/dist/cenode.min.js"></script>
<script src="/node_modules/cenode/dist/models.js"></script> <!-- if required -->

  const node = new CENode(CEModels.core);

Or, if using in a node app:

const CENode = require('cenode');
const CEModels = require('cenode/models'); // if requred

const node = new CENode(CEModels.core);

See the Wiki for further guides and the API reference.


Clone the repository

git clone

Install the necessary dev dependencies.

npm install

Run tests.

npm test

More Information

See the CENode Wiki for more information, guides, and the API reference.


CENode is released under the Apache Licence v2. See LICENCE for further information.