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This is a note taking app.

The results of a Lambda School one week sprint to build an app from scratch, front to back

See the live demo

Lambda School instructions

You are to treat this week as if you are working at a company and the instructor is your client. The teaching assistants are acting as your project managers and will be your main support throughout the week.

The main objective of this week is to develop the MVP feature set listed below using react and any other technologies you have learned here at Lambda School. There are design files in this repository you should use as a creative guide.

MVP Features:

  • Display a list of notes
  • Create a note with a title and content
  • View an existing note
  • Edit an existing note
  • Delete an existing note

Once you have completed the Minimum Viable Product requirements, direct message your project manager for approval. If approved, you may continue working on the Extra Features.

Once your MVP has been approved, you have been given a feature list that the client would love to have completed. Your goal would be to finish MVP as soon as you can and get working the list of features.

Extra Features:

  • Make the data persist with arrays / object literals (JSON) or a 3rd party service like Firebase
  • Search functionality
  • Markdown support in notes
  • Sorting options in the list view
  • Create and display tags that can be added to notes
  • Drag sorting in the list view
  • Add the ability to have checklists within the note view
  • Export all notes to a CSV
  • Create a login system around the MVP

You will notice that this repository does not have any starter code. This is on purpose. You are to start from scratch using any files you have built throughout your time here at Lambda School.

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