Parsing the Elite: Dangerous journal and putting it into a cool format.
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Parsing the Elite: Dangerous journal and putting it into a cool format.

Whats it actually do then?

Basically it allows the average joe to have a look at the journal log for Elite: Dangerous in a nice easy to read format.

How to get it?

Download a setup .exe from the releases page, and then run it. It will automagically update when you run the application from now on! You can also download it from Bintray, which is where the updates actually are downloaded from. Its a little bit faster I think, so give it a try.


$ npm install


$ npm start


$ npm run pack

Builds the app for Windows x64, using electron-builder.

Build - Distribution

$ npm run dist

Builds the app and distributable setup exe for Windows x64, using electron-builder.

Quick Development setup

curl -o- -L | bash


See for guidelines.


See for changes.


  • Filtering.
  • Saving as HTML.
  • Saving as JSON.
  • Looking at journal logs in a nice format.
  • Drag and drop logs to load them.
  • Built with web technologies and Node.JS.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for various actions.
  • Fairly fast.
  • Pretty CSS.
  • Easy on the CPU.
  • Easy on the RAM.
  • Easy on basically everything to do with resources.
  • Auto updating.
  • Plus more.


MIT © willyb321

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