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This project sets up a super build of most of the Caffe library dependencies on Windows. The dependencies built by this project are:

  • gflags
  • glog
  • leveldb
  • lmdb
  • protobuf
  • snappy
  • opencv
  • hdf5

It does not build the following dependencies:

  • boost

Windows binaries for these dependencies are widely available. Please note that boost is required to build the windows version of leveldb.

The project is setup via git submodules pointing to either the original code repository on github or a fork of the project so that a CMake-based build is available.

When this project is built it will generate binaries and includes (via CMake install) and a cmake cache file that cane be used so configure the CMake based build of Caffe. Here is what an initial setup would look like

cmd> md caffe
cmd> cd caffe
cmd> git clone caffe
cmd> git checkout windows
cmd> git clone --recursive caffe-windows-dependencies
cmd> md build-caffe-windows-dependencies
cmd> cd build-caffe-windows-dependencies
cmd> cmake -G "<your generator>" ..\caffe-windows-dependencies
# configure your environment, set path to boost, set path to opencv, etc...
cmd> cmake --build . --config Debug
cmd> cmake --build . --config Release
cmd> cd ..
cmd> md build-caffe
cmd> cd build-caffe
cmd> cmake  -G "<your generator>" -C ..\build-caffe-windows-dependencies\install\caffe-cache-init.cmake ..\caffe
cmd> cmake --build . --config Debug
cmd> cmake --build . --config Release

This was only test with Visual Studio 2013 64 bit build and CMake 3.2.