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Bulletstorm Tutorial
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UDN Mirror
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Authors: William Gaul


This is a convenient place to put all my UDK-related code (and occasionally assets). Most of this code has been released before through the tutorials on my YouTube channel.


As the name "UDKHub" suggests, I want this repository to be a hub of open-source UDK code. So, if you would like to contribute your code I am more than happy to add you to the repo or upload the code for you. In order to make this repo as useful as possible there are certain guidelines to follow (adequate commenting, organized folder structure, etc.). Just shoot me an email to find out more!


I'm pretty loose about the contents of this repo. Certain directories may have disclaimer clauses associated with them, so see the README of the appropriate directory for more information. If no disclaimer is given, you have the right to do whatever you want with the code within.


  • Neverend: contains the entire source code of my iOS game Never End
  • Characters: everything related to characters in UDK (currently a little sparse)
  • UDN Mirror: essentially a source mirror of some really useful UDN projects, more for personal reference than anything else