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Vitamin' Wall : Augmented Climbing Wall

Vitamin' Wall combines projected graphics and body detection for funny climbing experience for everyone !

Vitamin' Wall

Watch Vitamin' Wall in action !

Run it

Check that the folder is named "vitaminewall" (same name as the main sketch vitaminewall.pde)

Then, you have to install the following library (Sketch => Import Library) :

  • Video

Vitamin' Wall could be run with or without a videoprojector

With videoprojector

Next steps :

  • Plug a webcam
  • Plug a video projector - use extended display and assign video projector to your second screen
  • Open vitaminewall project and run it
  • You will see webcam feedback on main screen, be sure that webcam is centered and see the entire videoprojector view
  • Choose an existing wall Slot (wall #1 ... wall #5)
  • Use predefined holds or design your own wall !
  • Click on Calibrate
  • and GO !

Without a videoprojector

In this mode colored stickers are used to defined holds. Choose "Color" in wall selection to select color-mode detection.

The second display is still needed. It could be a 20' monitor, as it will be used by climber to see timer and detection feedback.

Before running Vitamin' Wall, you will have to put on wall colored stickers : one color for area to be touched, and another to area to avoid. Embedded color picker will help you to pick each color, associated to a sensibility slider that will assist you to refine detection level.