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Spinning Numbers

This website emerges from my work at Khan Academy in 2016 where I was the Electrical Engineering Content Fellow. Articles and videos in the Khan Academy style, covering electrical engineering as taught at the undergraduate level for EE majors.

The shiny new feature of Spinning Numbers not found in the Khan Academy's EE subject is this simple circuit simulator: Circuit sandbox. It requires no installation, just click and draw your schematic.

The collection of articles and videos is growing.

  • Introduction to important electrical quantities: charge, current, and voltage.

  • A first look at engineering numbers, units, and notation.

  • A summary of the math and science preparation that will help you have the best experience studying electrical engineering.

  • Circuit elements - The basic elements of circuit design are resistors, capacitors, and inductors). Mathematically ideal and real-world components.

  • Circuits with resistors - Series and parallel resistors, delta-wye network, and the voltage divider. Linearity and superposition.

  • DC circuit analysis - Find the state of a DC circuit using Kirchhoff's Laws. The node voltage method, mesh current method, and loop current method.

  • Circuits with capacitors and inductors - Natural and forced response of RC, RL, and RLC circuits. This is where we start to use calculus.

  • AC circuit analysis - We restrict signals to be only sine waves, and develop an analysis method based on complex exponentials. These methods are much simpler than solving differential equations from scratch.