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Table of Contents

This table of contents is not exhaustive in that it only links directly to configuration files that most people are likely interested.

Setup / Install

% bash < <(curl -s

Manual Setup (osx)

  • Remap the CAPS LOCK key (to control) using the Keyboard preference pane, under System Preferences. Press the Modifier Keys button and change the action for CAPS LOCK to "Control".

Management Commands

  • dfup: (runs ~/.dotfiles/setup) pull latest dotfiles and updates all submodules.
  • dfls: list dotfiles.


  • Tmux sessions are invoked via executable shell scripts located at $HOME/.tmux.
  • Session scripts are named with a prefix of @.
  • $HOME/.tmux is added to $PATH environment variable.
  • ZSH tab completes session script names...just type @, then press <TAB>.
  • If the selected session is already running, it will not be re-created -- you will be attached to it.



  • Backup/restore for terminal settings.
  • Backup/restore for projects (i.e. projects.json manifest of remote repo urls -- running projects restore pulls down each project).
  • Backup/restore for those special hidden files that most projects have (i.e. developer configs, etc.).
  • Try to replicate the last 5% - 10% of with this setup (since this gets us about 90-95% there).