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OS-1 Example ROS Node


  • ouster_ros/ contains sample code for publishing OS-1 data as standard ROS topics
  • Tested with ROS Kinetic on Ubuntu 16.04

Building the Sample ROS Node

  • Supports Ubuntu 16.04 with ROS Kinetic (for ouster_ros)
  • ROS installation instructions can be found here
  • Additionally requires ros-kinetic-pcl-ros, ros-kinetic-tf2-geometry-msgs and, optionally, ros-kinetic-rviz for visualization using ROS
  • Be sure to source the ROS setup script before building. For example:source /opt/ros/kinetic/setup.bash
  • Build with mkdir -p myworkspace/src && cd myworkspace && ln -s /path/to/ouster_example ./src/ && catkin_make -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release

Running the Sample ROS Nodes

  • Make sure to set up the ROS environment with source /path/to/myworkspace/devel/setup.bash in a new terminal for each command below
  • To publish ROS topics from a running sensor:
    • Run roslaunch ouster_ros os1.launch os1_hostname:=<os1_hostname> os1_udp_dest:=<udp_data_dest_ip> lidar_mode:=<lidar_mode> where <os1_hostname> can be the hostname or IP of the OS-1 device, <udp_data_dest_ip> is the IP to which the sensor should send data, and <lidar_mode> is one of 512x10, 512x20, 1024x10, 1024x20, or 2048x10
    • To record raw sensor output, run rosbag record /os1_node/imu_packets /os1_node/lidar_packets in another terminal
  • To publish ROS topics from recorded data:
    • Run roslaunch ouster_ros os1.launch replay:=true os1_hostname:=<os1_hostname>
    • In a second terminal run rosbag play --clock <bagfile>
    • Note: os1_node reads and writes metadata to ${ROS_HOME} to enable accurately replaying raw data. By default, the name of this file is based on the hostname of the sensor. The location of this file can be overridden using the metadata:=<path_to_file> flag
    • If a metadata file is not available, the visualizer will default to 1024x10. This can be overridden with the lidar_mode parameter. Visualizer output will only be correct if the same lidar_mode parameter is used for both recording and replay
  • To display sensor output using the provided visualizer:
    • To visualize the published OS-1 point cloud data using the provided visualizer, add viz:=true to either of the roslaunch commands above
    • A window should open and start displaying data after a few seconds. This should work with a running sensor or replayed data
    • See the in the ouster_viz directory for details on keyboard and mouse controls
  • To display sensor output using ROS tools (rviz):
    • Follow the instructions above for running the example ROS code with a sensor or recorded data
    • To visualize output using rviz, run rviz -d /path/to/ouster_ros/viz.rviz in another terminal
    • To view lidar intensity/noise/range images, add image:=true to either of the roslaunch commands above
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