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CAVEAT: This project is no longer maintained. Note that there is no "master" branch; you are looking at development code.

Update 2014-10-29: After not maintaining through several iOS and XCode upgrades, there are UI issues. Things work in portrait mode on iPhone only. UI otherwise has issues relatied to latest iOS, and the storyboards don't seem to be editable in XCode so I can't properly fix it. So... hacks to get things working at least one way.


Please read LICENSE.TXT.

Please note that the automatic testing routines are very, very loud. Turn your volume down to minimum or mute before running. They were not meant to be listened to, but still make noise.

The project to open in Xcode is in...

./WSCT/WSCT.xcodeproj under

...the main project directory.

To enable testing and other debugging goodies, uncomment WSCTDBG in
WSCTModel/WSCT.h on the development branch. Testing is commented out on the master branch.

The console output for the tests have warnings about "Error loading bundle" and "no suitable image found" and other things. I don't know why. The tests are running though. The whole set of tests takes about five minutes. A lot of the time it has to provide the audio callbacks with test data at a rate of one second per second. So it takes a while.

Have a nice day!

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