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Hackintosh - Catalina for Xiaomi Notebook Air 13.3 (2018)
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Clover EFI


Hackintosh - Catalina for Xiaomi Notebook Air 13.3 (2018)

I directly copied from Johnnync13's repo, please give him credit. Please do not submit issues here, it will be ignored because I am not trained to troubleshoot. This repo serves two purposes, primarily a record for myself and secondarily, a testimony to tell you that johnnync13's repo works. Refer to You should refer to his repo for the latest updates.

The EFI will work for Catalina, however, do note that Catalina do not have drivers for USB Wifi or USB LAN, so my suggestion to you is to get a USB Wifi that is in the Chris1111's

Usage for Clover EFI

Install latest Clover from copy the CLover EFI folder as "EFI" into the EFI

Usage for ALCPlugFix

You can run the install.command directly but it will keep asking you for Password because of the sudo command. An easier way is to do "sudo -i" to escalate yourself to root user. Then run the install.command. This is to fix your headphone jack. If you plug in your headphone and the sound is muffled, run this. You most likely will face the situation.

MacOS Versions Supported:

High Sierra Mojave Catalina

CPUs Supported:

i7-8550u i5-8250u

What is Working

Native power management Intel GPU Audio (AppleALC) TrackPad HDMI video and audio USB 3.0 Brightness keys Usb speed Built-in camera (Doesn't work for the i7 version. Not sure why) Built-in mic

What is Not Working

Wifi & Bluetooth Intel

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