Decrypt Threema's Android SQLite database
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WARNING: The following procedures are unofficial and dangerous. Be aware that you might break your Threema installation.

NEVER leave your private key on a public computer. Keep it private!

Update: I wrote a short wrap blog post about my insights.

  1. Requirements

On a Debian-like system it should be as easy as:

sudo apt-get install sqlcipher sqlite
  1. Clone this repository

Download this code to your computer

git clone
cd threema-decrypt
  1. Obtaining your key

Copy key.dat and threema.db to your computer (root is needed) in this folder. Exact paths:

  1. Create plain-text key

We first need to convert the binary key to its string version.

javac && java ThreemaDecrypt key.dat > key.plain

key.plain should look roughly like this. It's a 64 character hex string which SQLCipher will automatically convert to its 32bytes (256 bits) representation.

  1. Decrypt database

Now using our fresh plain-text key, we can decrypt the database.

./ threema key.plain

You now can use any tool like sqlite3 (CLI) or SQLiteBrowser (GUI) to browse through the encrypted database.

Warning: Newer versions of Threema might change the database layout.

Decrypting on-the-fly

If you need to make changes, I recommend to work on the encrypted database directly by opening it with sqlcipher.

sqlcipher threema.db

To encrypt it enter your full hexadecimal key (with 'x').

PRAGMA cipher_default_kdf_iter = 4000;PRAGMA key='x"your-key"';
  1. Encrypt database

You can also encrypt the database. However if you plan to push it make to your device, I recommend you to use the previous approach and open it directly in sqlcipher as you might loose your indexes by this procedure.

./ threema key.plain

Decrypt images/resources

You can find the referenced media files in sdcard/Android/data/ They are hidden files and the suffix _T is obviously for thumbnails. Once you have copied your desired file to your computer, you can decrypt it with:

javac && java ThreemaDecrypt 7bc0df74ca2e40af897152bcf7836624    

(where 7bc... is the to encrypted filename)

Most image viewer should recognize the file format automatically, otherwise append .jpg.


This procedure and part of its source code resulted from decompiling Threema android source. I am not the owner nor legal representative of their intellectual property. Happy hacking!