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__author__ = "Wim Leers ("
__version__ = "$Rev$"
__date__ = "$Date$"
__license__ = "GPL"
from processor import *
import os
import os.path
class GoogleClosureCompiler(Processor):
"""compresses .js files with Google Closure Compiler"""
valid_extensions = (".js")
def run(self):
# We don't rename the file, so we can use the default output file.
# Run Google Closure Compiler on the file.
compiler_path = os.path.join(self.processors_path, "compiler.jar")
(stdout, stderr) = self.run_command("java -jar %s --js %s --js_output_file %s" % (compiler_path, self.input_file, self.output_file))
# Raise an exception if an error occurred.
if not stderr == "":
raise ProcessorError(stderr)
return self.output_file