Use a Twitter feed as your purple/pidgin status message.
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Use a Twitter feed as your purple/pidgin status message.


Use your Twitter account as your Pidgin status message. This plugin is based on pidgin-twitterstatus but uses oauth authentication which should be more save since it doesn't need a password.

I decided to work on that version because the pidgin-twitterstatus plugin needed a public profile. Using oauth prevents the need of a public profile or the need to provide your password in every application. Currently you even have to use oauth. The old one isn't supported anymore.


The latest version can be downloaded by pressing the zip-button or you can try this link The lastest version uses Net::Twitter::Lite. The latest release is r0.4.4 which can be found on release 0.4.4 An old version can be found on launchpad


You need the latest Net::Twitter module to get it working. It depends on the oauth module included in Net::Twitter since 3.00. It's been tested against libnet-twitter-perl included in debian-testing. On Ubuntu you can run apt-get install libnet-twitter-perl to install the module. If your linux doesn't support the correct version of Net::Twitter you can install it running

sudo perl -MCPAN -e 'install Net::Twitter'

If you are running windows you can try the instruction found on
this issue After installing the correct library, you just have to copy the plugin to your plugins direcory. On linux you can use the ~/.purple/plugins directory. On windows, you can use the %APPDATA%.purple\plugins directory. If you installed it correctly, you can enable it after restarting pidgin.


When you go to the preferences windows, you will see an url and pin to configure the oauth. Open the url in your favorite browser and authenticate the application. After pidgin gets authenticated correctly, you will see a token and a secret when looking at the preferences.

Questions and more

If you have any questions, you can ask them at the issue section

What? it does some test. It connects to twitter and gets your latest tweets.

You should copy the access_token and access_token_secret to a file named token. On the next check the testprogram will use those tokens to connect to twitter.


  • verify the use of the plugin name
  • redirect all launchpad stuff to this new location
  • make an easier the authentication easier.
  • better authentication system.