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NumberPicker for Android

This project is an Android library project for a NumberPicker widget. This library has been tested on Android 2.1 through Android 4.0. The repository contains three parts described below. All source code is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.

Project overview

  • lib - This is the library project that can be included in an Android project. This contains all the necessary resources and code for the functioning widget.
  • sample - This is an Android sample app that demonstrates the use of the NumberPicker widget in a layout, as part of a dialog or as a preference item.
  • tests - A set of unit tests for the library project.

Submitting patches

Patches for the project are welcome from anyone. The recommended practice for submitting a change is to fork the project, make your changes and submit a pull request to merge in your changes. It is recommended that you write tests for the functionality or bug you are fixing with your patch.


2012-03-06 Luca Santarelli @hrkdroid

  • Bug fix: Store the value of the TextView on keyboard input.

2011-10-24 Paul Bourke pauldbourke@gmail.com

  • Updated library project to support the new SDK r14 tools.

2011-08-27 Xenofon Papadopoulos xpapad@gmail.com

  • Added setWrap() method

  • Initialization will respect user-provided attributes in the layout, see the example in res/layout/main.xml