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win2013 committed Jan 21, 2018
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BackwardIntent Move Backward {elapsed_time} seconds
BackwardIntent Retroceda {elapsed_time} segundos
BackwardIntent Backward {elapsed_time} seconds
BackwardIntent Backward {elapsed_time} second
BackwardIntent Move Backward {elapsed_time} second
ForwardIntent Move forward {elapsed_time} seconds
ForwardIntent Adelante {elapsed_time} segundo
ForwardIntent Forward {elapsed_time} seconds
ForwardIntent Forward {elapsed_time} second
ForwardIntent Move forward {elapsed_time} second
FunIntent Gol de Honduras
FunIntent Gol
HowManyChromecastsIntent how many chromecasts
HowManyChromecastsIntent chromecasts
StopIntent Stop
StopIntent Alto
ThankyouIntent Thanks
ThankyouIntent Gracias
TurnLeftIntent To the Left {elapsed_time} seconds
TurnLeftIntent Izquierda {elapsed_time} seconds
TurnLeftIntent left {elapsed_time} seconds
TurnRightIntent To the right {elapsed_time} seconds
TurnRightIntent Dereacha {elapsed_time} seconds
TurnRightIntent right {elapsed_time} seconds
TurnRightIntent right {elapsed_time} second
PriceIntent What is the price of bitcion
PriceIntent bitcoin price in {currency}
PriceIntent price of bitcoin in {currency}
ComissionIntent What is the commision for bitcoin in {currency}
ComissionIntent Whas's the cost of a bitcoin transaction in {currency}
ComissionSatoshiIntent What is the commision in satoshis
ComissionSatoshiIntent What is the cost in satoshis
BestTimeIntent What is the best time to do this transaction
BestTimeIntent Suggest a time
BestTimeIntent Whend do I do this trade
YesIntent sure
YesIntent si
YesIntent dale
YesIntent cheque

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