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Supermium 124.0.6367.245

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@win32ss win32ss released this 10 Jul 17:08
· 1 commit to main since this release

Here is the main release of Supermium 124.0.6367.245. It contains further enhancements over the previous Supermium 124 release:
(#687) - fixed Windows 8.1 NVIDIA instability issue.
(#692) - Colour issues fixed on bookmark UI.
(#645, #693) --disable-machine-id and --disable-encryption switches will no longer result in profile data loss. Furthermore a new switch named --revert-from-portable will allow the user to revert a portable user data directory to non-portable without data loss as well. Warning dialogs will appear if the latter switch is used as it is only to be used temporarily, and is to be disabled when the directory has been successfully moved.
(#588) - the number of simultaneous download view icon loader processes is limited to 25. Any other processes will wait for others to complete.
(#721) - a minor issue preventing Supermium from recognizing itself as the default browser on Windows Vista/7/8.x has been fixed.
-The user agent will now report as version 127 to prevent issues with web services detecting Supermium as an outdated browser. This practice will likely continue when Supermium makes use of 126 ESR patches starting in August or September, as Chromium ESR tags are not widely known.

Furthermore, a new icon has been implemented in this release. Thanks to user "XakerTwo" for discovering the issue with the previous icon, and thanks to user "Darthagnon" for creating the new icon.