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-An Html5 Chinese classic mahjong game built with Opa(
-You can visit: to see what it runs like.
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+This is an online Chinese traditional Mahjong game in HTML5. I simplify the rule and tiles to make it easy for new
+players to begin.
+Mahjong is the most popular game played in China and some asian area, Mahjong is a game of skill, strategy and calculation and involves a certain degree of chance.
+There are many variants of Mahjong with different rules. To make it easy, this game use the most simple one. Any one who
+never touched Mahjong would learn to play it in one minutes. Besides, I redesigned some tiles to make it easy to recognize for people who don't know Chinese characters in Mahjong tiles.
+I have published this game on chrome web store, you can search "Mahjong Mania" to find it, or you can visit
+ []( to have a quick try.
+##Build & Run##
+The game is built with [Opa](, which is an enterprise framework for javascript. The source works
+fine with Opa 0.9.0 ~ 0.9.4.
+ $ make clean #optional, clean old build
+ $ make all
+ $ make run
+launch a browser to visit: http://localhost:8080
+All bug reports, feedback, comments, contributions or remarks are welcome, please email to:

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