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rubyfiles := $(shell find ruby -name '*.rb')
cfiles := $(shell find ruby -name '*.c')
cheaders := $(shell find ruby -name '*.h')
depends := $(shell find ruby -name depend)
txtfiles := $(shell find doc -name '*.txt')
vimfiles := $(shell find plugin -name '*.vim')
vimball: command-t.vba
command-t.recipe: $(rubyfiles) $(cfiles) $(cheaders) $(depends) $(txtfiles) $(vimfiles)
echo "$^" | perl -pe 's/ /\n/g' > $@
command-t.vba: command-t.recipe
vendor/vimball/vimball.rb -d . -b . vba $^
.PHONY: spec
rspec spec
.PHONY: clean
rm -f command-t.vba
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