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Gem::Specification.new do |s|
s.name = 'command-t'
# see note in the Rakefile about how intermediate version numbers
# can break RubyGems
s.version = `git describe --abbrev=0`.chomp
s.authors = ['Greg Hurrell']
s.email = 'greg@hurrell.net'
s.files =
['README.md', 'LICENSE', 'Gemfile', 'Rakefile'] +
`git ls-files -z ruby doc`.split("\x0")
s.license = 'BSD'
s.require_path = 'ruby'
s.extensions = 'ruby/command-t/extconf.rb'
s.executables = []
s.has_rdoc = false
s.homepage = 'https://github.com/wincent/command-t'
s.summary = 'The Command-T plug-in for VIM.'
s.description = <<-EOS
Command-T provides a fast, intuitive mechanism for opening files with a
minimal number of keystrokes. Its full functionality is only available when
installed as a Vim plug-in, but it is also made available as a RubyGem so
that other applications can make use of its searching algorithm.