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Signed-off-by: Wincent Colaiuta <>
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1 parent 795cd32 commit 67e39768ea3a0a01eabcb511e47530558a4534de @wincent committed May 28, 2012
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@@ -626,17 +626,14 @@ Command-T is written and maintained by Wincent Colaiuta <>.
Other contributors that have submitted patches include (in alphabetical
- Anthony Panozzo Nadav Samet
- Daniel Hahler Noon Silk
- Felix Tjandrawibawa Rainux Luo
- Gary Bernhardt Scott Bronson
- Jeff Kreeftmeijer Seth Fowler
- Lucas de Vries Steven Moazami
- Marian Schubert Sung Pae
- Matthew Todd Victor Hugo Borja
- Mike Lundy Woody Peterson
- Nate Kane Yan Pritzker
- Nicholas Alpi Zak Johnson
+ Anthony Panozzo Mike Lundy Steven Moazami
+ Daniel Hahler Nate Kane Sung Pae
+ Felix Tjandrawibawa Nicholas Alpi Thomas Pelletier
+ Gary Bernhardt Nadav Samet Victor Hugo Borja
+ Jeff Kreeftmeijer Noon Silk Woody Peterson
+ Lucas de Vries Rainux Luo Yan Pritzker
+ Marian Schubert Scott Bronson Zak Johnson
+ Matthew Todd Seth Fowler
As this was the first Vim plug-in I had ever written I was heavily influenced
by the design of the LustyExplorer plug-in by Stephen Bach, which I understand

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