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doc: add "Development" section

As I've started using a "next" branch for cooking changes before merging
into "master", this commit adds a section to the documentation noting
a couple of key points:

  - "master" should be stable
  - "next" is for riskier changes, and may be rewound occasionally

Given the need for a new section, it may as well contain other "nice to
have" info, like info on patch submissions and mirror repos.

Signed-off-by: Wincent Colaiuta <>
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1 parent 07027c3 commit 6bf694eef440b1fced3d6c71ce31d854b25d0553 @wincent committed Mar 25, 2012
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46 doc/command-t.txt
@@ -12,10 +12,11 @@ CONTENTS *command-t-contents*
7. Mappings |command-t-mappings|
8. Options |command-t-options|
9. Authors |command-t-authors|
-10. Website |command-t-website|
-11. Donations |command-t-donations|
-12. License |command-t-license|
-13. History |command-t-history|
+10. Development |command-t-development|
+11. Website |command-t-website|
+12. Donations |command-t-donations|
+13. License |command-t-license|
+14. History |command-t-history|
INTRODUCTION *command-t-intro*
@@ -628,6 +629,38 @@ LustyExplorer is available from:
+DEVELOPMENT *command-t-development*
+Development in progress can be inspected via the project's Git web-based
+repository browser at:
+the clone URL for which is:
+ git://
+Mirrors exist on GitHub and Gitorious; these are automatically updated once
+per hour from the authoritative repository:
+Patches are welcome via the usual mechanisms (pull requests, email, posting to
+the project issue tracker etc).
+As many users choose to track Command-T using Pathogen, which often means
+running a version later than the last official release, the intention is that
+the "master" branch should be kept in a stable and reliable state as much as
+Riskier changes are first cooked on the "next" branch for a period before
+being merged into master. You can track this branch if you're feeling wild and
+experimental, but note that the "next" branch may periodically be rewound
+(force-updated) to keep it in sync with the "master" branch after each
+official release.
WEBSITE *command-t-website*
The official website for Command-T is:
@@ -636,11 +669,6 @@ The official website for Command-T is:
The latest release will always be available from there.
-Development in progress can be inspected via the project's Git repository
-browser at:
A copy of each release is also available from the official Vim scripts site

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