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@wincent wincent released this May 17, 2016 · 13 commits to master since this release

  • A non-leading dot in the search query can now match against dot-files and "dot-directories" in non-leading path components.
  • Matching algorithm sped up by about 17x (with help from Hanson Wang).
  • g:CommandTInputDebounce now defaults to 0, as the recent optimizations make debouncing largely unnecessary.
  • Added :CommandTHelp for jumping to locations in the help, and an accompanying mapping, <Plug>(CommandTHelp).
  • Added :CommandTLine for jumping to lines within the current buffer, and a corresponding mapping, <Plug>(CommandTLine).
  • Added :CommandTHistory for jumping to previously entered commands, and a corresponding mapping, <Plug>(CommandTHistory).
  • Added :CommandTSearch for jumping to previously entered searches, and a corresponding mapping, <Plug>(CommandTSearch).
  • Added :CommandTCommand for finding commands, and a corresponding mapping, <Plug>(CommandTCommand).
  • Added <Plug>(CommandTMRU) and <Plug>(CommandTTag) mappings.
  • The "ruby" and "find" scanners now show numerical progress in the prompt area during their scans.
  • Removed functionality that was previously deprecated in 2.0.
  • Fix inability to type "^" and "|" at the prompt.
  • Make it possible to completely disable 'wildignore'-based filtering by setting g:CommandTWildIgnore to an empty string.
  • The "watchman" file scanner now respects 'wildignore' and g:CommandTWildIgnore by construcing an equivalent regular expression and using that for filtering.
  • Show a warning when hitting g:CommandTMaxFiles, and add a corresponding g:CommandTSuppressMaxFilesWarning setting to suppress the warning.



@wincent wincent released this Feb 9, 2016 · 128 commits to master since this release

  • Minimize flicker on opening and closing the match listing in MacVim.
  • Add CommandTWillShowMatchListing and CommandTDidHideMatchListing "User" autocommands.



@wincent wincent released this Jan 25, 2016 · 136 commits to master since this release

  • Restore compatibility with Ruby 1.8.7.



@wincent wincent released this Jan 19, 2016 · 142 commits to master since this release

  • Change g:CommandTIgnoreSpaces default value to 1.
  • Change g:CommandTMatchWindowReverse default value to 1.
  • Change g:CommandTMaxHeight default value to 15.
  • Try harder to avoid scrolling other buffer when showing or hiding the match listing.



@wincent wincent released this Dec 28, 2015 · 153 commits to master since this release

  • add :CommandTIgnoreSpaces option (patch from KJ Tsanaktsidis)
  • make Command-T resilient to people deleting its hidden, unlisted buffer
  • the match listing buffer now has filetype "command-t", which may be useful for detectability/extensibility
  • Command-T now sets the name of the match listing buffer according to how it was invoked (ie. for the file finder, the name is "Command-T [Files]", for the buffer finder, the name is "Command-T [Buffers]", and so on); previously the name was a fixed as "GoToFile" regardless of the active finder type
  • Many internal function names have changed, so if you or your plug-ins are calling those internals they will need to be updated:
    • commandt#CommandTFlush() is now commandt#Flush()
    • commandt#CommandTLoad() is now commandt#Load()
    • commandt#CommandTShowBufferFinder() is now commandt#BufferFinder()
    • commandt#CommandTShowFileFinder() is now commandt#FileFinder()
    • commandt#CommandTShowJumpFinder() is now commandt#JumpFinder()
    • commandt#CommandTShowMRUFinder() is now commandt#MRUFinder()
    • commandt#CommandTShowTagFinder() is now commandt#TagFinder()
  • A number of functions have been turned into "private" autoloaded functions, to make it clear that they are intended only for internal use:
    • CommandTAcceptSelection() is now commandt#private#AcceptSelection()
    • CommandTAcceptSelectionSplit() is now commandt#private#AcceptSelectionSplit()
    • CommandTAcceptSelectionTab() is now commandt#private#AcceptSelectionTab()
    • CommandTAcceptSelectionVSplit() is now commandt#private#AcceptSelectionVSplit()
    • CommandTBackspace() is now commandt#private#Backspace()
    • CommandTCancel() is now commandt#private#Cancel()
    • CommandTClear() is now commandt#private#Clear()
    • CommandTClearPrevWord() is now commandt#private#ClearPrevWord()
    • CommandTCursorEnd() is now commandt#private#CursorEnd()
    • CommandTCursorLeft() is now commandt#private#CursorLeft()
    • CommandTCursorRight() is now commandt#private#CursorRight()
    • CommandTCursorStart() is now commandt#private#CursorStart()
    • CommandTDelete() is now commandt#private#Delete()
    • CommandTHandleKey() is now commandt#private#HandleKey()
    • CommandTListMatches() is now commandt#private#ListMatches()
    • CommandTQuickfix() is now commandt#private#Quickfix()
    • CommandTRefresh() is now commandt#private#Refresh()
    • CommandTSelectNext() is now commandt#private#SelectNext()
    • CommandTSelectPrev() is now commandt#private#SelectPrev()
    • CommandTToggleFocus() is now commandt#private#ToggleFocus()
  • add g:CommandTRecursiveMatch option
  • stop distribution as a vimball in favor of a zip archive
  • don't clobber alternate-file name when opening Command-T match listing (patch from Jerome Castaneda)
  • add g:CommandTCursorColor option expose mappings for :CommandT and :CommandTBuffer using <Plug> mappings <Plug>(CommandT) and <Plug>(CommandT)
  • add <Leader>j mapping to :CommandTJump, via <Plug>(CommandTJump) (defined only if no pre-existing mapping exists)



@wincent wincent released this Apr 29, 2015 · 192 commits to master since this release

  • Avoid "W10: Warning: Changing a readonly file" when starting Vim in read-only mode (ie. as view or with the -R option).
  • Fix infinite loop on <Tab> (regression introduced in 1.12).



@wincent wincent released this Apr 10, 2015 · 202 commits to master since this release

  • Add :CommandTLoad command.
  • Fix rare failure to restore cursor color after closing Command-T (patch from Vlad Seghete).
  • Doc fixes and updates (patches from Daniel Hahler and Nicholas T.).
  • Make it possible to force reloading of the plug-in (patch from Daniel Hahler).
  • Add g:CommandTEncoding option, to work around rare encoding compatibility issues.
  • Fix error restoring cursor highlights involving some configurations (patch from Daniel Hahler).
  • Skip set-up of <Esc> key mapping on rxvt terminals (patch from Daniel Hahler).
  • Add g:CommandTGitScanSubmodules option, which can be used to recursively scan submodules when the "git" file scanner is used (patch from Ben Boeckel).
  • Fix for not falling back to "find"-based scanner when a Watchman-related error occurs.



@wincent wincent released this Nov 4, 2014 · 258 commits to master since this release

  • Fix infinite loop on Windows when g:CommandTTraverseSCM is set to a value other than "pwd" (bug present since 1.11).
  • Handle unwanted split edgecase when 'hidden' is set, the current buffer is modified, and it is visible in more than one window.



@wincent wincent released this Oct 11, 2014 · 262 commits to master since this release

  • Ignore impromperly encoded filenames (patch from Sherzod Gapirov).
  • Fix failure to update path when using :cd in conjunction with g:CommandTTraverseSCM set to "pwd" (bug present since 1.11.2).



@wincent wincent released this Sep 1, 2014 · 268 commits to master since this release

  • Fix error while using Command-T outside of an SCM repo (bug present since 1.11.1).