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Asaduzzaman LinuxEntrepreneur

Ubuntu 16.10 LTS Yakkety Yak System Admin at School Of Freelancing

School Of Freelancing Comilla

reatdoom reatdoom


UniCloud China

Hongfei Li fever324

Jack of all trades, master of none

Ian Sowinski iansowinski

Artist, Designer, Developer. Former scouting guide, photographer by heart. Tweet to me: @iansowinski


Carol Salvato carolhcs

:coffee: Java, C#, JS, Python programmer, game developer and researcher (computing and algorithms natural and cognitive). Software Engineering.

Capivari - SP (Brazil)

Ty Rocca tyrocca

Currently a tech lead at @QuorumUS.

Quorum Analytics Washington DC

William Yang triyangle

UC Berkeley Class of 2020

Palo Alto, California

Nemo Elit nemoelit

Be an outstanding developer.

Wuxi, China

max copley copley

Training Resources.

John Kurkowski john-kurkowski

UX Engineer @CrowdStrike

Los Angeles

Vinicius Santana vinicius5581

Advisor Software Inc. San Francisco - CA

Sumedh Nimkarde sumedh123

Curious | Web developer | Whatever.


Joe Maller joemaller

Ideas On Purpose NYC

rox roxma

A self-driven software developer

sailvan china

Bo Chen bochen2014

I love react, and I love relay!

Sydney, Australia

Thomas Steglich tomsteg

Agenda, tsmedia Neubeuern, Bayern

Matteo Capucci mattecapu

Full-stack web developer, math student, machine learning enthusiast. Currently juggling with the React/Relay/GraphQL stack.

Modena, Italy

Ardalan Naghshineh ardalann

The maze isn't meant for you.

Critical Mass Calgary, AB, Canada

Nathan Wells nathanwells27

I'm currently an IT technician. I'm just beginning my first steps into code. I hope to learn a lot and become very skilled with this for a future career.


shenlongchao shenlongchao

treat others as you would like to be treated !


Jon Leopard jonleopard

Linux | OpenStack | Devops | Software Developer | Huge Nerd

Paris, France

Patrick Stapfer ryyppy

Digital-Nomad working with and on React, ReactNative and @flowtype. Building automation tools @AmazeeIO. Previously JS Engineer @runtastic

Song wangsongiam

{} <= { codes } => { universe } Javascript, React, Elm, Elixir, Vim.

Stevens Institute of Technology Hoboken, NJ

Xiao-Meng Wang wxmtech

The University of Hong Kong Hong Kong