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JavaScript based 2D Molecular Editor as a 2D structure input tool for the web. An analogue of the Flash Molecular Editor (FlaME).
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Welcome to FlameJS Pages

FlameJS is an analogue of the FlaME, based on JavaScript technology (FlameJS), and has almost the same functionalities. It is now in beta testing phase. Minimum requirements as of now are: Operating System: Windows OS (7, 8, 10); Web Browsers Firefox, Chrome, Opera, MS Edge, Internet Explorer 11. Any testing results on other operating systems and in other web browsers are appreciated. FlameJS as The Web Toxlab tool

FlaME (Flash Molecular Editor) is a molecular structure editor (molecule editing tool) for web pages, based on Flash technology. It is a Flash (single file) application for structure input on web pages, e.g. for database queries or property calculations. FlaME as The Web Toxlab tool; read more...

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