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Atmo™ Wind Data Logging, Visualization & Analysis Software

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Version 1 Wind Data Logging Demo: Atmo Free wind data logging DEMO download.

Description: Wind Data Logging software designed to provide an accurate and affordable plug-&-play solution for wind site evaluation (using an anemometer) and wind generator performance. Compatible with Atmo Anemometer Wind Sensors and Atmo Wind Data Logger. Features live wind data plotting, wind speed database, automatic Weibull analysis and live WEB streaming.

Atmo™ Anemometer Software Communication Protocol

Develop an opensource wind data logging software that is customizable, completely hassle free to use for the end consumer yet powerful enough for the data junkie. And of course, compliments our hardware :-)

Intuitive and simple to use, yet powerfull, Atmo™ software and Atmo™ line of anemometer wind data logger kits help you get a handle on wind and weather. Featuring live comparisons of important parameters and a detailed 1/sec data rate when combined with the Elliptic Anemometer™ & Data Logger.

  • See the average of multiple sensors or view them just one at a time.
  • Store your valuable sensor data in a database or export to a friendy .csv file format.
  • Automatic wind speed distribution histogram.
  • Weibull analysis enabling accurate wind energy predictions.
  • Convenient 12 plot comparison section lets you compare monthly, weekly, daily, or hourly data.