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Collection of low level tools useful for debugging Winding Tree platform
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Winding Tree debugging tools

The debugger provides following tools

  • index debugger
  • guarantee generator
  • contract caller

Note that you need Metamask extension to use some features.

Index debugger

If you are working with Winding Tree it might be sometimes necessary to directly inspect the on-chain or off-chain data without any interference introduced by tooling such as Read API.

Choose a directory contract to browse its records. If you are only interested in a specific hotel, you can filter by its ethereum address.

Permalinks in following format are supported:

  • /debugger/:directoryAddress - share a link for specific directory
  • /debugger/:directoryAddress/:organizationAddress - share a link for specific organization

Guarantee generator

Can be used to generate a guarantee claim manually.

See more about guarantee claims on the developer portal.

Contract caller

Interact directly with smart contracts.

Can be used to call any contract by address and ABI but is intended mainly for use with WT contracts (and provides ABIs for them).

Use the default address of Ropsten WindingTreeEntrypoint to get addresses of segment directories and factories.


  • Node 10
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