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ORG.ID tutorial repository

Node 10 is required We recommend to use nvm.

This is a helper repository. The full guide can be found on

keys.json file is required for this to work. Truffle console accepts either a mnemonic or Keystore JSON with a password.

> git clone
> cd orgid-tutorial
> npm install

Create keys.json like

  "mnemonic": "fox ...",
  "infura_projectid": "544..."
  "wallet": {
    "version": 3,
    "id": "7fe84016-4686-4622-97c9-dc7b47f5f5c6",
    "crypto": {
      "ciphertext": "ef9dcce915eeb0c4f7aa2bb16b9ae6ce5a4444b4ed8be45d94e6b7fe7f4f9b47",
      "cipherparams": {
        "iv": "31b12ef1d308ea1edacc4ab00de80d55"
      "cipher": "aes-128-ctr",
      "kdf": "scrypt",
      "kdfparams": {
        "dklen": 32,
        "salt": "d06ccd5d9c5d75e1a66a81d2076628f5716a3161ca204d92d04a42c057562541",
        "n": 8192,
        "r": 8,
        "p": 1
      "mac": "2c30bc373c19c5b41385b85ffde14b9ea9f0f609c7812a10fdcb0a565034d9db"
  "password": "...",
  "infura_projectid": "544..."

Once your keys.json is ready, we can fire up the truffle console communicating with Ethereum network with

> npm run truffle-ropsten
# or
> npm run truffle-mainnet

After running the console, wt-contracts contracts should be at your service:

truffle(ropsten)> entrypoint = await'0x7EB7c3B768D75C740B6d08D3b3eA411B3296ceBB')
truffle(ropsten)> entrypoint.getOrganizationFactory()

Always check for the proper deployment addresses on the developer portal.

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