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Winding Tree knowledge base

Welcome to the repository where we aggreagate all our techincal reports and articles. In this repo you will find all information about Winding Tree which has been released and which is intended to be shared with our community. We very much look forward to community feedback which can be addressed via GitHub issues and openly discussed therin as well as in our social channels.

If you are an IT developer, the best starting point is the developer resources document.

If you'd like to know which smart contracts are we officially using, here's an overview.

Some of our key documents within this repo include the technical roadmap and our overview of the architecture. Nevertheless, other documents including some around our research efforts are also found in this repo with the intention of collaborate with the community together on these efforts.


Please bear in mind, that this ecosystem is evolving at a rapid pace. Information may become outdated frequently. Please ensure you're always working on the most up-to-date documents to avoid working on issues which might have already been address in our updated documentation.