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pragma solidity ^0.5.6;
import "openzeppelin-solidity/contracts/introspection/IERC165.sol";
* @title Minimal 0xORG interface
* @dev If you are creating your own implementation of Winding
* Tree Organization, this is the minimal interface that you must
* fullfill. Without it, the Organization won't be added into the
* SegmentDirectory. For checked interface ID, head over to the
* implementation of `addOrganization` in `SegmentDirectory`.
* This is not meant to be used by libraries that try to operate
* with the organization as any data manipulation methods are
* intentionally omitted. It can be used only for reading data.
contract OrganizationInterface is IERC165 {
* @dev Returns the address of the current owner.
* @return {" ": "Current owner address."}
function owner() public view returns (address);
* @dev Returns the URI of ORG.JSON file stored off-chain.
* @return {" ": "Current ORG.JSON URI."}
function getOrgJsonUri() external view returns (string memory);
* @dev Returns keccak256 hash of raw ORG.JSON contents. This should
* be used to verify that the contents of ORG.JSON has not been tampered
* with. It is a responsibility of the Organization owner to keep this
* hash up to date.
* @return {" ": "Current ORG.JSON hash."}
function getOrgJsonHash() external view returns (bytes32);
* @dev Returns if an `address` is associated with the Organization.
* Associated keys can be used on behalf of the organization,
* typically to sign messages.
* @param addr Associated Ethereum address
* @return {" ": "true if associated, false otherwise"}
function hasAssociatedKey(address addr) external view returns (bool);
* @dev Returns all associatedKeys belonging to this organization.
* @return {" ": "List of associatedKeys"}
function getAssociatedKeys() external view returns (address[] memory);
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