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.NET library adapter between winding tree platform and hotel booking networks


Team: Siesta Solution

Description We tried to connect WT with our existing Siesta Solution (Siesta) hotel management - export real-life hotel data, submit booking and pay for the booking using ethereum cryptocurrency. In other words, in this limited time scope we tried to put Winding Tree to production environment "as much as possible" by going through the whole "hotel lifecycle" - we exported a hotel from Siesta with custom offchain URL, we customized the URL so the user could actualy book the rooms. The booking and payment then get processed and returned back to our system.

Problems We faced diverse variety of technical problems and several communication and validation issues.

Solution Our goal was to create a general-purpose .NET library that would simplify the connection to WT network and do all the "unnecessary" blockchain stuff for you.

We learned We learned the Winding Tree platform could be realisticaly used in production even now in its current state. However, there is still lots of work to do on WT side - in our eyes the main goal of WT now should be to simplify the access to the WT ecosystem for wider audience.

list of technologies used:

.NET C# ReactJS Ethereum Siesta Extranet Infura WT write API WT read API

list of team members:

Mikoláš Bilec Jan Pražma Martin Novák Jakub Eliáš

competing for Hackathon challenge