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Example Winding Tree hotel explorer
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Winding Tree hotel explorer

Example web application showcasing what the Winding Tree platform is capable of. This is not meant as a real life application.


  • NodeJS >= 10

Running locally

To run this app locally, use npm start command. It will be connected to the playground environment and you can happily develop with HMR enabled. It will be available on http://localhost:3001.


You can also run this app from a docker container. Please note that there are two sets of environment variables. The NODE_ENV and GIT_REV have to be provided at build time.

The WT_READ_API and WT_SEARCH_API have to be provided for the container runtime.

$ docker build --build-arg NODE_ENV=production --build-arg GIT_REV=`git rev-parse --short HEAD` -t windingtree/wt-hotel-explorer .
$ docker run -p 8080:8080 -e WT_READ_API= -e WT_SEARCH_API= windingtree/wt-hotel-explorer

In a similar fashion, you can build and run the docker image in a production-like environment.


You can install and run this from NPM as well:

$ npm install -g @windingtree/wt-hotel-explorer superstatic
$ WT_READ_API= WT_SEARCH_API= wt-hotel-explorer

You can customize the behaviour of the explorer by setting environment variables upon deploy. These are:

- `WT_READ_API` - wt-read-api instance url
- `WT_SEARCH_API` - wt-search-api instance url
- `WT_SIGN_BOOKING_REQUESTS` - Sign outgoing booking and cancellation requests when set to `true` (an actual string 'true', a strict comparison is used in the app).
- `ETH_NETWORK_PROVIDER` - Address of an Ethereum node, for example ``

Experimental build for Swarm

If you run npm run build-for-swarm-playground, you will get a slightly different build that can be uploaded to and served from Swarm.

It uses a different react router (hash-based) to circumvent the limitations of running the app not from a root domain (such as but from a relative path (such as

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