API to interact with the Winding Tree platform
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API written in nodejs to fetch information from the Winding Tree platform.


  • Nodejs >=10

Getting stared

In order to install and run tests, we must:

git clone git@github.com:windingtree/wt-read-api.git
nvm install
npm install
npm test

Running dev mode

With all the dependencies installed, you can start the dev server. First step is starting Ganache (local Ethereum network node). You can skip this step if you have a different network already running.

npm run dev-net

If you need to interact (for example add some testing hotels) with the running dev-net in any way, you can use the Winding Tree demo wallet protected by password windingtree. It is initialized with enough ether. For sample interaction scripts, check out our Developer guides.



Now we can run our dev server.

npm run dev

When using a local config, we internally run a script to deploy WT Index. It is not immediate, so you might experience some errors in a first few seconds. And that's the reason why it is not used in the same manner in tests.

You can then visit http://localhost:3000/docs/ to interact with the live server. An OAS description is published there.

You can tweak with the configuration in src/config/.

Running node against Ropsten testnet contract

$ docker build -t windingtree/wt-read-api .
$ docker run -p 8080:3000 -e WT_CONFIG=playground windingtree/wt-read-api
  • After that you can access the wt-read-api on local port 8080
  • This deployment is using a Ropsten configuration that can be found in src/config/playground.js


Get list of hotels

Calling GET /hotels will retrieve an array of hotels. By default fields are id, name and location, which means that at least some off-chain stored data is retrieved.

You can use a query attribute fields to specify which fields you want to be included in the response. Hotel ID is included by default in every request. Ex. GET /hotels?fields=name. You can also choose to include only ids (e. g. GET /hotels?fields=id) which will not fetch any off-chain data, so the response will be much faster.

items: [
      id: '0x585c0771Fe960f99aBdba8dc77e5d31Be2Ada74d',
      name: 'WT Hotel'

If an error is produced for a hotel, the response will look like this

items: [
      id: '0x585c0771Fe960f99aBdba8dc77e5d31Be2Ada74d',
      error: 'Unsupported data storage type: ipfs' 

Get a hotel

Request to /hotels/:address can fetch off-chain data in a single request. By default, included fields are id, location, name, description, contacts, address, currency, images, amenities, updatedAt.

  "id": "0x417C3DDae54aB2f5BCd8d5A1750487a1f765a94a",
  "location": { "latitude": 35.89421911, "longitude": 139.94637467 },
  "name": "Winding Tree Hotel",
  "description": "string",
        "email": "joseph.urban@example.com",
        "phone": 44123456789,
        "url": "string",
        "ethereum": "string",
        "additionalContacts": [] 
  "roomTypes": {
    "room-type-1111": {
      "id": "room-type-1111",
      "name": "Room with windows",
      "description": "some fancy room type description",
      "totalQuantity": 0,
      "occupancy": {
        "min": 1,
        "max": 3
      "amenities": [
      "images": [
      "updatedAt": "2018-06-19T13:19:58.190Z",
      "properties": {
        "nonSmoking": "some"
     "line1": "string",
     "line2": "string",
     "postalCode": "string",
     "city": "string",
     "state": "string",
     "country": "string" 
  "currency": "string",
  "images": [ "string" ],
  "amenities": [ "WiFi" ],
  "updatedAt": "2018-06-19T13:19:58.190Z"

Publicly available instances

For currently available public instances of wt-read-api, please see this page.