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This ansible role installs and configures a lot of useful command line tools. The configurations are highly customized und mainly fit to my purposes. Feel free to adapt it to your needs.


The following software packages are installed and configured:

  • zsh: The shell for unix-like systems
  • oh-my-zsh: Collection of useful tools and configurations around zsh
  • tmux: My favourite terminal multiplexer
  • git: Configures git and sets some life-changing aliases
  • fzf: A Fuzzy command line search
  • jrnl: Command line journaling tool
  • virtualenvwrapper: Python library to wrap environments


tmux and ssh

This role takes care that ssh-agent is registered with your private key in all panes and windows of your tmux session.

tmux and vim

tmux is configured to work together with my VIM setup (see here)


The z-shell is installed and selected to be the default shell. Then, oh-my-zsh, a collection of useful zsh tools and sane configurations, is cloned and sourced. Here, the vim bindings are enabled.


The fuzzy command line finder is installed and some aliases are set. It can be used to search the shell history, git branches and commits, files, and many more. Unfortuantely, pre-build binaries for fzf are not available for many platforms. Hence, it cloned and installed from


The python packages virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper are installed (via pip) and ensured to be loaded uppon a start of the z-shell. The interactive python shell ipython is installed and some startup scripts are placed.


Along the provisioning, the following packages are installed using the package manager of your system (make sure that these are availabe): go (golang under debian based systems), zsh, tmux.

Moreover, pythons package manager pip is assumed to be available.


  • CTRL-R: Search command history with fzf
  • ESC-v: Edit current command with vim


  • gitcm: Short for git commit -m
  • gitv: Shows commit tree of git
  • fgit: Fuzzy search of branches in git repository
  • fgita: Fuzzy search of changed files in git repository
  • fjrln: Fuzzy search of jrnl entry headlines
  • fkill: Fuzzy search of processes. Selected process gets killed.
  • p: Short for python
  • wo: Short for VirtualEnv command workon


An ansible role that installs and configures my various personalized utilities to work efficiently on command line.




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