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This ansible role installs my personalized VIM.


To execute this role, superuser rights are needed as the build of VIM requires to install some development libraries as well as some Python libraries globally. Moreover, git has to be installed.

Typically, I use VIM inside of tmux and to make them work together, some configurations to tmux.conf are needed to make them work together perfectly. My ansible-role-cmd-utils takes care of these configuration (and many more).


Make sure that the installed python interpreters are installed from here. I had some issues using the interpreters comming with homebrew.

Example Playbook

Create a file playbook.yml with the following content:

- hosts: all

    - {role: ansible-role-vim, vim_install_dir: /home/user/myvim, vim_set_alias: True}

In the same directory as playbook.yml lives, create a directory rolesand clone the role repository with:

git clone roles/ansible-role-vim

VIM Configurations

After VIM is installed, the configuration is taken from here. This probably does not fits you well. Feel free to clone any other vim configuration repo (have a look at vim_remote_git_config_repo in the variables section).


  • vim_install_dir: States where VIM should be installed with make install after building it. Defaults to /usr/local
  • vim_remote_git_config_repo: URL of a cloneable git repository holding the configurations of vim. Assumes an vimrc to be there. Defaults to my configuration.
  • vim_set_alias: If set to true, an alias is created in the users .bashrc for vimand vimdiff that point to this version of VIM. This option should be set to true the VIM binaries are installed to a directory not contained in $PATH. Defaults to false.
  • vim_lua_lib: If you have a custom installation of lua and luajit, you should provide the path where include/luajit-{version}/lua.h can be found.