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My VIM setup

This is my personal and individualized VIM setup. The main purpose of this repository is self-documentation, but feel free to use my configuration as starting point for yours!



A installed version of VIM in version >=8.0 that is compiled with at least the following options is required:



To effiently write and edit python code, the VIM plugin pymode is used. Here are some of my most frequently used shortcuts:

  • <leader>b: Set a pdb break point
  • <leader>h: Show docstring
  • <leader>d: Go to definition
  • <leader>g: Go to first assignment


If you want to edit and compile latex code, make sure that pdflatex is installed.


The safest way to install this VIM configuration is by using my ansible role here, which takes care of the installation of all requirements, the build of VIM from the sources, and some other things that I find useful.

Without ansible, you can clone the repository with

git clone --recursive ~/.vim

As all plugins are included via submodules in git, do not forget to add --recursive. I also provided my vimrc, if you want to use it, run

ln -s ~/.vim/vimrc ~/.vimrc

Finally, the plugin command-t has to be build. To do so, run the following command in the directory ~/.vim/bundle/command-t/ruby/command-t/ext/command-t

ruby extconf.rb && make