A todo list application that demonstrates the personal cloud application architecture and how to use CloudOS
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This simple TODO list application is designed to demonstrate how applications can be built to use the CloudOS in the personal cloud application architecture (PCAA). This blog post describes the contents of this repository in detail.

You may also want to play with the Forever application which uses this same architecture and read the Personal Cloud Application Architecture white paper to understand more details.

The TODO list application and Forever both make use of the CloudOS.js library to speak to personal clouds based on CloudOS. The example personal cloud platform we use is SquareTag, but any CloudOS-based personal cloud should work. The goal is to have applications written in a PCAA-style that can link to a variety of personal clouds.

The index.html file is a simple TODO list without any persistence. The linkable.html file has been modified to add persistence via CloudOS. The conversion document describes the steps necessary to convert one to the other.