SSL Support

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There are two steps in order to run in SSL mode. Once you have done these, simply add “ssl” as a command line argument when running tests, e.g. instead of
$ windmill firefox
$ windmill firefox ssl

Install PyOpenSSL

  • From a prompt,
    $ easy_install pyopenssl

Install Windmill’s Certificate Authority

For IE and Safari on Mac and Windows you’ll need to install Windmill’s Certificate Authority on to the system.

Installing CA on Windows

  • Navigate to the master.crt, then double click the cert file.

  • Click ‘Install Certificate…’, to start installing.

  • Click ‘Next >’, on the wizard.

  • Click ‘Next >’, again.

  • Click ‘Finish’.

  • Click ‘OK’.

All Done!

Installing CA on Mac OS X

  • Open /Applications/Utilities/Keychain

  • Click on Certificates.

  • Drag the master.crt from a Finder window in to the list of certificates. You will be prompted for your password. All done!
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