Variable Registry

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Test Variable Registry

When your test comes into the IDE, it is parsed for variables that have been defined in the registry. If they exist, the variable is replaced with the value. If you would like random value that you can use for this session, that is possible as well.


Basic Variable: {$sometext} ex. {$myurl}

If it exists, it will be replaced with the value in the registry

If it doesn’t exist, the variable syntax will be used ie. you will actually be creating a user called {$tempUser}

Random Variable: {$random(anything you want)} ex. {$random1}

If the variable exists in the registry, it will be replaced with it’s value

If it doesn’t exist a random value will be created


This is the JSON representation of a test that uses the variable registry, the storeURL function is in the controller and available in the IDE for storing a target links address to use later.

{"method": "storeURL", "params": {"link": "[Chandler]"}, "version": "0.1"}
{"method": "open", "params": {"url":"{$[Chandler]}"}}
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