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Platform iOS


Swift Problem Set

This repository contains starter code for the Swift Problem Set project in Udacity's iOS Nanodegree.


Haoning Wu

My Website: Scenery Architecture

My E-mail: honey@nousbuild.com

This course on Udacity: Swift 入门

Project submission

You will complete a series of coding exercises to test your understanding of Swift. There will be a section of problems for variables, strings, if (else if and else) statements, and functions.

How Do I Complete this Project?

  1. Review the grading rubric to see how your project will be assessed. All criteria must "meet specifications" in order to pass.
  2. If necessary, review the supporting Swift for Beginners course to refresh your understanding of concepts.
  3. Download the Swift Problem Set and complete each exercise.


Before submitting your answers for evaluation, we recommend that you check that each of the following is true:

  • Your problem set contains no warnings or errors
  • You are proud of your answers
  • You completed each problem in the set according to the instructions
  • You reviewed the grading rubric

Run Into Problems?

If you are having any trouble downloading or opening the Swift Problem Set, then please email us at ios-project@udacity.com. Due to the high volume of submissions, the turnaround for your project can take up to a week.