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Process for Editing Tons of Services 🐈🐈🐈
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Process for Editing Tons of Services 🐈🐈🐈

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Kubernetes makes it easy to manage herds of cattle: lots of servers running in production.

pets makes it easy to manage herds of cats: lots of servers running on your machine that you want to keep a close eye on for local development.

The Big Idea

pets is for the cloud-service developer who has multiple servers that they run for day-to-day feature work. Maybe the servers run as bare processes. Maybe they run in containers. Or in minikube. Or in a remote Kubernetes cluster.

We should be able to express the constellation of servers independently of how we start them. A Petsfile is like a Makefile for expressing how servers start and fit together. This lets us switch back and forth quickly between servers running locally and servers running in the cloud.



You can find pre-compiled binaries for common platforms on the releases page.

From source

go get -u


To get started using pets, read the introductory blog post.

For more detail on how to use the CLI, you can browse the CLI documentation.

For more detail on how to write a configuration file for your project, see the config documentation.


We've written some example projects that use a Petsfile so start a frontend server with two backend servers and a database:


This tool can send usage reports to, to help us understand what features people use. We only report on which pets commands run and how long they run for.

You can enable usage reports by running

pets analytics opt in

(and disable them by running pets analytics opt out.)

We do not report any personally identifiable information. We do not report any identifiable data about your code.

We do not share this data with anyone who is not an employee of Windmill Engineering. Data may be sent to third-party service providers like Datadog, but only to help us analyze the data.


Copyright 2018 Windmill Engineering

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0

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