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Live Update Reference
(This doc provides the technical specifications of Tilt's LiveUpdate functionality. For a tutorial that walks you through a sample project, see Optimizing a Tiltfile.)

When specifying how to build an image (via docker_build() or custom_build()), you may optionally pass the live_update arg.

live_update takes a list of LiveUpdateSteps that tell Tilt how to update a running container in place (instead of paying the cost of building a new image and redeploying).

The list of LiveUpdateSteps must be, in order:

When a file changes:

  1. If it matches any of the files in a fall_back_on step, we will fall back to a full rebuild + deploy (i.e., the normal, non-live_update process).
  2. Otherwise, if it matches any of the local paths in sync steps, a live update will be executed:
    1. copy any changed files according to sync steps
    2. for every run step:
      • if the run specifies one or more triggers, execute the command iff any changed files match the given triggers
      • else, simply execute the command
    3. restart the container if a restart_container step is present. (This is tantamount to re-executing the container's ENTRYPOINT.)
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