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Before you ask your team to tilt up...

Before you ask your teammates to tilt up, here's a handy list of questions you might want to consider to ensure the best possible onboarding experience:

Setup and Compatibility

  • Have you tested Tilt on all of the Operating Systems your team runs on their development machines?

  • Do your colleagues know how to run Kubernetes locally? The choices can be overwhelming. Our guide to choosing a cluster can help.

  • Which services do your colleagues hack on? Do all of them start up OK in Tilt?

  • Are there any known gotchas or spurious error messages when you Tilt up a server? Are they documented somewhere?

Enhancements, errors, and optimizations

  • Tilt up each server and edit a file. Do you see the server auto-update with your changes?

  • Are updates slow to show up? Could you add a live_update rule to sync changes much faster?

  • Do some file edits trigger unnecessary rebuilds? Have you added ignore rules to prevent wasted work?

  • Is auto-update the right behavior for all your servers? Are there servers where you'd rather they only update when you're ready?

  • When you introduce a syntax error into your code, does Tilt pop up an error? Would your teammates be able to find it?

  • When you log a runtime error in your code, does it show up in the Tilt logs?

Support, socialization, and followup

  • Do you have a dedicated place to discuss dev environment improvements with your team, like a mailing list or Slack?

  • Do your teammates know where to ask for help if their dev workflow breaks or gets frustratingly slow?

  • Do you have a README to help your teammates Tilt up and go? Here's one that we use that you're welcome to link to.

  • Are there other teams in your org that could benefit from a cloud-native dev environment like Tilt?

Once you're ready, add a link to your README to the Welcome to Tilt guide.

If you want the same guide but with project-specific instructions, fork the tilt-init repo and edit away!

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