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Commits on Dec 30, 2011
@windmillium Move requirements to object template. 269253e
Commits on Dec 31, 2011
@windmillium Tests expect the correct result
Not expecting the tested method.
@windmillium Add kind to object 8fe39a8
@windmillium Add object layers to block. 52340a9
@windmillium Add installedObject to block
Along with the associated block.objectCapacity for container objects.
@windmillium Add zones to civilization. 0b618cc
@windmillium Add stockpile zone. 5150c0a
@windmillium Add zone to block. 67f3ba4
@windmillium Add moveTo method for objects. d44fb5b
@windmillium Blocks use object.moveTo to create rubble. 3525fd3
@windmillium Missed some lines from stockpiles. c01abdd
@windmillium Remove plants from global plant list upon death. 1a963d1
@windmillium Plants use object.moveTo to create death item. 04ffcb7
@windmillium Use world size to create world. cc7a777
@windmillium Professions are now classes, add Planning profession
Planning profession includes ZoneStockpileJob
@windmillium Mobile drops item after crafting it. e7aa019
@windmillium Check if plant has been killed before harvesting it. 3e3c017
@windmillium Add new professions to the mobiles. 745d3d8
@windmillium Add placeObj and install methods to mobiles
placeObj just drops a specific item, install installs the first of a
certain objectTemplate.
@windmillium Add Container objects with a capacity. 00accd7
@windmillium Add ZoneStockpileTask
This will create a new stockpile and also the jobs associated with
building the objects required to finish the stockpile.
@windmillium Add ZoneStockpileJob
This will move the mobile to the job site and then initiate the
@windmillium Add InstallObjectJob
This will make the mobile find an object, then install it at a certain
@windmillium Refactor CraftJob to use new Recipe
ObjectTemplates have their own list of requirements now.
Commits on Jan 01, 2012
@windmillium Add crafted items to the civilization's list of objects. 21988c9
@windmillium Add Harvested items to the civilization objects. 80feaf9
@windmillium Make sure that FindObjectTask does not pick installed objects. 92b6f48
@windmillium Finish up ZoneStockpileTask 3628bfa
@windmillium Refactor the creation of objects when loading the world. 6c7af29
@windmillium Add CivilizationSpec e930fbf
@windmillium Add ProfessionSpec c73ebee
@windmillium Remove debug message. f8892b1
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