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@title Information for erlyvideo hackers
There is a mess between different names of this server: erlyvideo, erlmedia, ems (erlang media server).
Don't be afraid: if you know how to unify names, do it.
Structure is following:
* ems.erl — start file of whole application. Application level constants are defined in it. Use ems:rebuild() in console to rebuild code. Use ems:restart() in console to full reload application with config.
* ems_amf.erl — encoding and decoding of AMF0 format.
* ems_app.erl — application callback module.
* ems_cluster.erl — module with functions, required for distributed work of live conferences (recorded from flash cameras).
* ems_flv.erl — two meanings module: reading flv files and encoding flv frames. mp4 playback requires this file.
* ems_fsm.erl — worker fsm. One instance per client.
* ems_http.erl — builtin HTTP server, required for RTMPT and can show you nice main page on http://localhost:8082/
* rtmp.erl — RTMP encoding/decoding module. Knows about all RTMP features.
* rtmp_server.erl — RTMP acceptor.
* ems_sup.erl — EMS supervisor.
* gen_rtmp.erl — Module with functions, exported to flash.